The movie story deals with Mentally challenged Indraneel Thakur who works as a waiter in a coffee shop while he raises his daughter Gungun as a single parent. Gungun loves him very much and in an attempt to remain at his level, refuses to go to school. Gungun’s mother Maya Trivedi came into Neel’s life when she needed someone desperately. After giving birth to her she disappeared never to be seen again. For seven years Neel has looked after the child and both are happy together. However Maya’s father Dayanath Trivedi comes to India for his granddaughter. On Gungun’s birthday, Neel has a surprise party for her. Gungun is upset and leaves. Taking advantage of Gungun leaving her house, Dayanath gives Neel a court notice and soon takes Neel to court. With the help of the townspeople Neel is introduced to Niti Khanna, a lawyer and single mother dealing with her own problems. Her son, Rahul, won’t listen to her. Niti initially doesn’t agree to represent Neel, but when Rahul meets Neel and becomes his friend, Niti realized that she should help him. A custody battle ensues. It is found out that Maya was on drugs and died because of it which is why she didn’t return to her father or Neel. When the case is nearing completion and Dayanath’s has almost won, Niti decides to marry Indraneel, after a fifteen minutes recess Niti presents the marriage papers to the judge, and the judge declares that Gungun will be in custody of Indraneel and Niti, Gungun accepts Niti as her mother and Rahul as her brother.



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